Hola, my name's Adriana. I'm here to help you to find gifs since 2011. I also do FC help.

Sometimes it takes time for me to do gif hunts, sorry, but I'll try my best to do it fast.

I can understand a lot of languages so you don't have to always speak english. I speak spanish, so if someday I make a mistake, sorry.

Anónimo asked: Could Dylan O'Brien be the older brother to Logan Lerman?

No, they have the same age. Maybe Shia LaBeouf, Ash Stymest…

Octavia Spencer Gif Hunt


Under the cut are approximately 40 gifs of the Academy Award-winning actress Octavia Spencer. All credit goes to the original gif makers; please message me if you see your gifs and want recognition/removal.

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New theme!!

I wanted a simple but cute theme, I hope you like it!!

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Notanotherrph's Could Be Related 
  • Caitlin Stasey:

Age: 24
Age range: 18-25
Ethnicity: English
Nationality: Australian

  • Nina Agdal :

Age: 22
Age range: 17-24
Ethnicity: Danish
Nationality: Danish

Possible Relation:

  • Sisters 
  • Twin-Sisters
  • Half Sisters
  • Cousins
Anónimo asked: FC suggestions for sister of Daniel Sharman?

Bella Heathcote, Elle Fanning, Willa Holland…



Under the cut you will find about 120+ small and medium hq RECENT gifs of Hilary Duff. None of these gifs are mine, and credit goes to the rightful owners. Really apologize if there are any repeats. Please like or reblog if this helped you in any way.


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Anónimo asked: Who do you think would be a good older version of Matt Bomer?

Mmm any age(? What about Michael Douglas.


Anónimo asked: Thanks for sharing your work! Loving all your Gandy gifs :)

Thank you!

Georgina Haig Gif Hunt



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Gifs: George Craig.


  • Count: 330+.
  • If you are using these GIF’s please like the GIF hunt.
  • None of these gifs are mine.

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